Purchasing a right of occupancy

Requirements for obtaining a right-of-occupancy apartment

  • the applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  • the applicant must not own a home where he or she could live in the town in question
  • the applicant must not have assets to an extent that he or she is able to buy a home that would suit his or her needs.
  • This does not apply to applicants over 55 years of age or applicants changing from one right-of-occupancy apartment to another.


The occupant pays 15 per cent of the total price of the apartment as a right-of-occupancy payment. The right-of-occupancy fee varies according to the target.  The right-of-occupancy fee is revised based on the building cost index when the right-of-occupancy apartment is sold.   The occupant cannot buy the apartment to own it personally.

Obtaining a right of occupancy
You apply for a queueing number from the local authority. The queueing number is personal. It must be an unused number, i.e. not a number earlier assigned to the applicant for another apartment.
You then register as an applicant. Applications for new apartments must be submitted during the application period published by the developer. If not enough applications are submitted during the application period, the application period may be prolonged and subsequently terminated without notice.
Apartments are offered to those who have submitted an application during the application period based on the queueing numbers. In other words, a person with the smallest queueing number will be offered an apartment first.
When a customer accepts the offered apartment, that customer becomes an approved buyer of the right of occupancy.
The buyer and seller agree on a date for signing the right-of-occupancy agreement. The right-of-occupancy payment is due in about two weeks from the signing of the right-of-occupancy agreement. Banks will accept the right-of-occupancy agreement as collateral for a loan.  During the construction phase, the future occupant can usually order some amendments to be made in the apartment at extra cost, see instructions on amendments 1 January 2012