Living in the apartment

The move-in date will be announced approximately three months before the building is completed.
The security deposit, EUR 500, must be paid two weeks before the move-in date.
You may be entitled to a housing benefit for your monthly residence fee. In addition to the monthly residence fee you will pay for water and a parking space. New buildings and apartments usually come complete with data cabling, but the customer needs to sign a server contract before moving in.
The occupant is entitled to live in the apartment for as long as he or she wants. The occupants can have a say in matters related to their homes.
With Helsingin Asumisoikeus Oy’s permission, the occupant can let the apartment for two years at the most in case he or she moves outside the Helsinki metropolitan area to work or study.
The right-of-occupancy fee is revised based on the building cost index when the right-of-occupancy apartment is sold. 
The property owner is bound by law to buy back the right of occupancy within three months from the date the occupant gave notice.