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An essential obligation of a party undertaking a building project is to ensure that the building, when completed, meets the requirements of safe and healthy housing. They must also ensure that the quality of construction is as agreed and that the appropriate quality assurance mechanisms are in place. Housing production collaborates with the relevant associations and government in order to fight the so-called grey economy. Housing production is involved in research and development activities in its field and promotes housing development in the country.

Housing production is a public procurement unit and organises a tendering process for all construction-related engineering projects and building contracts. The most commonly used methods for procuring planning and engineering services include the quality assessment process and tenders. The use of SR contract tendering which involves planning services has also become more popular recently. In complex development projects housing production also utilises tendering based on the so-called negotiation process.

In recent years, the most commonly used contract type has been a single main contract.